I am a UCLA Theatre Arts graduate and have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) for over 40 years. As a therapist I specialize in: relationship issues, anxiety, stress, grief and life changes. My work involves use of creative processes that encourage individuals to listen to the intelligence in the body/mind/spirit. My book, “What’s so Good about “Bad” Feelings:” the inner journey into the center of your soul, is available on Amazon. It is filled with insights, practical advice and individual stories of people learning to connect to their Inner Wisdom to break free of past constraints and create the lives they want.  My workshops include, Focusing, Psychosynthesis, and The Medicine Wheel as well as other creative ways of expanding awareness and resolving life conflicts.

As an actress, I have appeared in over 15 televisions shows, six films, and various theater works and commercials.

As a writer, my short stories have appeared in: Chicken Soup for the Soul, (The Magic of Mother’s and Daughters and Healthy Living Series Stress), Chocolate for a Woman’s Heart, (A Walk on the Wild Side); Chocolate for a Woman’s Spirit, (My Special Bridge); Faith, Hope & Healing, (inspiring Lessons Learned from people living with Cancer by Bernie Siegel); The Los Angeles Times (Alone in the Woods – Bearly); as well as various healing articles for chapters of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. My novel: Grandmas Never Die, their wisdom lives forever, also on Amazon, encourages readers to value their differences.