Have you been wishing that your life could be just a little easier? Without all those changes and stress that seem to keep on coming? While you probably can’t stop change from happening, you can learn some strategies to cope with those changes, so that your stress is reduced and you can feel more in charge of your day-to-day life.

I know from experience that you can feel better and more in control of your responses to life’s challenges. If any of these issues sound familiar, I’d like to help. You can start moving forward now just by making that first call to talk about the possibilities: 323.656.9800.

Anxiety, Depression and other Emotional Stressors
Life is filled with crises. Sometimes all we can do is make the best of a bad situation. However, when unresolved issues leave an underlying current of negative thoughts and/or behaviors, they are signals to stop and question our choices.

Relationship or Attachment Issues
We are products of our past. We learned how to be who we are through our experiences with significant others, as well as the society around us.  Some of those teachers were positive, some of the beliefs we took on stop us from being the creative, authentic people we were born to be.

Life transitions
Losing a loved one, moving, having a child, graduating from school, getting a divorce, succumbing to a serious illness, becoming a caretaker, all create stress and call on us to learn new ways of coping with life. 

Medical issues
Whether permanent or fleeting, medical problems, are stressful. I can also help you learn to listen to the hidden messages within your pain, so that you can live a more balanced, less stressful life.

If you’re sober now, and still having difficulty with work or relationships, I can help you understand what’s missing, so that you can live a more authentic life. If you have a close friend or family member who is an addict, I can help you find your own peace, so that you can better cope with the challenges you are facing. 

Creative Blocks
Creative expression comes in many forms. Perhaps you’re a performer, an artist, a writer, or a creator of ideas. Maybe you’ve been tasked with finding a new, creative solution to a persistent work problem. Whatever form it takes, you might sometimes feel blocked and unable to access the creative part of you. I have lots of experience helping people like you find the creative soul within them.

If you have some questions, if you’d like more information, I invite you to contact me now, so that we can talk about your concerns and how I can help.